Product Tutorials
Product Tutorials
The following multimedia tutorials are available for viewing. These tutorials include 3D animations that help you better understand the features, benefits and clinical applications of ACTEON products. Click a title to enter the tutorial classroom. 

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Subgingival Air Polisher for Implant Maintenance
Susan Wingrove talks about the need for a quality subgingival air polisher for implant maintenance. She talks specifically about the AIR-N-GO easy from Acteon Group. Watch this video to learn more.
Piezotome® CUBE
Acteon’s new cutting-edge Piezotome CUBE is an innovative, new solution for performing piezoelectric ultrasonic bone surgery. It is a powerfully responsive tool for safe, predictable and precise procedures.
Extraction Technique Using Piezotome® Cube
Give a new dimension to your dental practice with Piezotome® Cube. Delicate procedures can be done much faster, without making any compromise between maximum power output and patient safety. The new generation of ACTEON® piezoelectric device embodies the next step in superior and atraumatic osseous surgery procedures.

Watch this short demonstration of the Piezotome® Cube with Dr. Brooks.
X-MIND TRIUM, a cone beam computed tomography system from medical imaging expert ACTEON, combines cutting-edge 3D imaging with instant volume measurement and bone density assessment helping clinicians make the right diagnosis and treatment plan.
AIR-N-GO Easy extends the scope of air polishing in your practice. It's a unique convertible handpiece that covers a wide variety of clinical situations, from standard prophylaxis to periodontal and peri-implant treatments.
ACTEON is excited to introduce PSPIX, the first-ever personal imaging plate scanner. PSPIX is an affordable way to save time and increase the efficiency of your practice’s intraoral imaging process.
F.L.A.G. for B.LED by ACTEON
By visibly highlighting plaque, F.L.A.G. for B.LED makes the scaling process faster, more efficient and more effective.
X-Mind™ unity
The X-Mind™ unity combines elegant design with proven quality and cutting-edge, patented technology that determines the minimum radiation necessary in each situation to produce crystal clear images.
PURE NEWTRON® Ultrasonic Generators
ACTEON® SATELEC® once again revolutionizes dentistry by introducing a brand new range of PURE NEWTRON® ultrasonic generators.
Piezotome® Product Line
Designed with the latest technology from SATELEC®, the Implant Center 2™ LED offers three functioning modes to handle a broad array of surgical applications: the Piezotome® for pre-implant surgery; the I-Surge™ LED for implant placement procedures; and the Newtron®, for conventional piezoelectric endodontic and periodontic treatments.
Utilizing a patented, proprietary technology, SOPRO, a leader in dental imaging and fluorescence technology, is proud to introduce SOPROCARE. SOPROCARE offers you a state-of-the-art, ultra-versatile intraoral camera that provides the visual information you need for the early detection of caries, plaque formation and gingival inflammation—and it serves as a compelling patient communication tool.
BIOSPLINT™ Reinforcement Ribbon
BIOSPLINT is a multiple-use dental reinforcement ribbon that is ideal for stabilization and immobilization of loose teeth, immediate replacement of avulsed teeth, reinforcement and construction of provisional and permanent bridges, and the maintenance of inter-dental spaces.

Watch this module and learn all about this exceptional splinting material.
SOPROLIFE utilizes an auto-fluorescence technology under high magnification to assist dentists with the diagnosis and treatments of caries. By enabling dentists to see what was once invisible to the eye, SOPROLIFE is changing the way dental caries is diagnosed and treated.
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